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The website Blacktubi.com was founded in 2014. My aim is to deliver a stylish and modern publication with a Malaysian taste to technology. Despite my interest is around tech and gadgets, I only write about routers and networking gears until now.

2018 is the year where things change. We will expand the brand to encompass more tech.


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14 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Dear Alvyn,
    I am currently use TP wifi extender RE650 (located ground floor) with my Archer C9 router (installed first floor) . Coverage has increased tremendously in terms of 1F and GF.

    However I face issues with the mobile devices not automatically connecting to the strongest wifi signal as they move between the two different SSID.

    Would a MESH setup from TP or Asus help for the mobile devices wifi speed And are the mesh compatible to setup the HyppTV?

    Thanks and Appreciate your help to recommend.


    1. Yup, this is the biggest problem with range extender as they run a different network. Mesh WiFI system can solve this.

  2. Hello admin. I see you do/share nice review in Malaysia :)..
    As you has tested both of the router that in my list..
    I would like to know which one is better/suggested
    ASUS RT-AC1200G+ or ASUS RT-AC55UHP.. Since both of them nearly same price..

    Primary Aim: Stable, Fast
    Space: Small apartment
    Usage: LAN FTP (Samba &etc), 5GHz WiFi for mobile gaming

    Thank you

  3. Hi Alvyn,
    I find your website very useful and would like to reach out to you for a collaboration idea. Can we take this conversation via email, over the phone or even in person perhaps? Do let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  4. Hi Alvyn,

    Would you by any chance know of anyone who assist to setup/install router? Have issues setting up Lyra Trio. Managed to get 1 node to work but one node now has gone into rescue mode and cant get the other node to pair. Rather get a pro-in to set it up fully along with VPN and Qos. Any recommendation would be appreciated.

  5. Hi Sifoo Alvyn

    Need opinion to set up wireless network to full cover 3 storey semi D ( 4000 + sqft – 60% house using glass for wall ) .Suggestion & advise for hardware ( router / AP /extender )& diagram LAN cable for every floor? Package 500mbps Unifi.Thanks

  6. I have unifi turbo 500gb now and planning to get Deco M9 plus.
    what is the wifi speed range i can expect around the house for phone and HP laptop?


  7. Hi, I would like to make a suggestion that will be an improvement for the router test results. PPPoE WAN speed test results. I mean use your own PPPoE server and then test the router throughput through the PPPoE connection. You can’t find such info on the web reviews & even if it did include it, that is usually just simply the result of the reviewer testing on their own broadband & speed limited by their broadband package. Most of the time you can only get a hint of the actual performance reported by the actual users with varying accuracy. If you can provide this test results, it will be far more useful for us as almost all the home broadband ISP in Malaysia use PPPoE unlike in some other countries.

    You can use linux/freebsd or even mikrotik VM to do it, just make sure the NIC is not the bottleneck especially if you run it on VM. Some router simply cannot meet their advertised 1 Gbit WAN to LAN speed when PPPoE + VLAN is involved.

    1. I actually manage to simulate a TM environment with VLAN and PPPOE but I decided that it is too technical for the consumption of most readers. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

      I am getting a 1Gbps internet connection and will be able to perform more accurate test soon.

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