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Does TM unifi has an unique PPPoe dialing method ? I tried to use a software router for dialing and cannot get Internet to work on VLAN 500.


I’m on unifi 300mbps. I’m staying in a 3 storey house. How to boost the wifi for my ground floor. Atm the modem is one the 1st floor and I’m using a deco m4 dual unit. Getting 300mbps on 1st floor but it drop to 80-100mbps on the ground floor. Will adding another unit of Deco m5 help? Thank uou


I’m currently subscribing Unifi 500mbps and using TM’s standard router.

Staying in a double storey terrace house 1,815 sq ft.

Speed is not up to mark and I’m only getting 100mbps. When upstairs, coverage is poor.

Any suggestions which router that is suitable and where can I purchase one.

Appreciate your assistance. Thanks.

Hi, i am having unifi 100mbps with unifi router tp-link Ac1200 and i notice the wifi coverage to my room (double story house) is quite weak and i decided to change it. Which router would you recommed? Tp-link? Asus ? Dlink? If possible can recommend 3 of the brand?

Hi, just a quick question. Recently moved & installed unifi 100mbps,now using stock dir-842 router. I can get intended speed using speed test, with good ping, no problem. The issue is when I’m playing csgo, I got low ping(<10ms) but always with constant packet loss(3-10%). When I change to usb tethering phone network, there is no such lost. I’ve got another house within 3km with unifi 100mbps too, no issue with packet lost. When going to my parents house also never encountered this problem. Is this router problem or unifi line problem to the game server.


I’ll be moving into a 3 storey landed property soon that has Cat6 wired ethernet ports on every floor. Should I invest in a mesh system using wired backhaul or should I just get multiple Wifi 6 routers and use them in wireless AP mode?

My main aim is to allow uninterrupted roaming when moving from floor to floor. My internet subscription should be a 500Mbps City Broadband line.

Are there any devices that you would recommend for this setup? I was previously looking at the TP Link AX20.

Thank you so much in advance for your advise!

Hello, I would encourage Blacktubi team to rereview Asus RT-AC59U device. I would recommend testing also other devices from Asus and other manufacturers regarding the important drawbacks I’m describing. I have purchased Asus RT-AC59U router. There is one important detail nobody talks about. The 4x 1 Gbps LAN ports are HUB ports and not SWITCH ports. In essence, this means two things: You can never achive the advertised 1 Gbps per port when all ports are heavilly loaded, becase each port is busy to receive its own Ethernet frames and also the other ports’ frames. If these were switch ports,… Read more »

Hello Alvin, I want your opinion on TP-Link Archer AX10 and TP-Link Archer C9, I am planning to buy one of them and my main concern is wider WiFi coverage

Hi Alvyn, would you like to review a netgear orbi rbk50? Interested in what you have to say or write.


recently I moved to Cyberjaya, I subscribed for internet with CityBroadband for 100Mb. They provided me with Calix router which has only 2.4Ghz and no 5Ghz. I wonder which router you recommend for my case with larger wifi range as my place is around 1300sqf
Thank you

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