ASUS Unifi Router for Unifi Turbo 2019

Asus Router are fully compatible with Unifi. Read our guide to know which model you should buy and how to get the best out of your Asus router.

D-Link Unifi Turbo Router Upgrade

You probably heard of D-Link before. They are one of the older brands in the consumer wireless router industry. Well, they recently come up with a new line up of routers specially designed for TM Unifi Turbo with different models for different speed. We decided to give D-Link wireless routers a try and see how …

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Asus Lyra Unifi configuration guide

Asus Lyra Mesh Wifi System This article is about the Asus Lyra mesh wireless system. Lyra is a mesh wireless system designed to cover your entire house with wireless coverage through the usage of mesh technology. As such, setting it up isn’t quite as similar as your conventional router. The Unifi configuration is a bit …

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