D-LINK DIR-816L top

D-LINK DIR-816L Review

D-LINK DIR-816L is probably the cheapest Unifi capable Wireless AC router around. It may not be the cheapest Wireless AC router but it should be the cheapest Wireless AC router that support Unifi natively. The Xiaomi MiWiFi Mini is cheaper but it do not support Unifi out of the box. It is a cheap and …

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Xiaomi MiWiFi Mini

Xiaomi MiWiFi Mini Review

The Xiaomi MiWiFi Mini is one of the cheapest routers you can purchase currently. You can purchase it everywhere. There are local sellers or you can get it from AliExpress. The design of the MiWiFi Mini is very simple and clean. For the price of the router, I absolutely surprised with the quality of the …

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Asus RT-AC5300

Asus RT-AC5300 Review

  The RT-AC5300 looks absolutely ridiculous, the design is very sophisticated and pleasing. The 8 antennas are huge, unlike your usual antenna. Asus gave it some red accent to complete the “gaming” looks. The top features a maze-liked pattern with tiny ventilation hole cleverly hidden under the design. However, Asus continue their fashion of including …

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Asus RT-AC3200 Review

The premium segment of  router market is getting more crowded with the expensive and high performance router. The Asus RT-AC3200 is a new member to this market. It looks very similar to the Asus RT-AC87 but not much more expensive than it. Asus RT-AC3200 is priced around RM1400 currently. The design isn’t exactly striking like …

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Asus EA-AC87 Review

The Asus EA-AC87 is a very simple device. It can act as a wireless access point or a media bridge.  Asus market it as adding 5Ghz wireless ability to your old routers. This claim is quite right, you can add a solid Wireless AC1900 ability to your old router at a relatively affordable price. The …

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Asus RT-AC87U Review

Asus RT-AC87U is one of the fastest wireless router available when it first released. The RT-AC87U support 4 spatial streams and MU-MIMO as part of Quantenna’s Wave 2 features. As a result, the performance is blistering fast especially when paired with the Asus EA-AC87 as media bridge. However, as device manufacturers are still catching up …

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TP-LINK M7350 LTE MiFi Review

TP-LINK M7350 Introduction: The TP-LINK M7350 is a LTE MiFi modem.  It is portable and suits those who want to share their 3G/4G Internet wirelessly whether you are going for a trip or you travel a lot.   The packaging is quite simple, just a small white box and some accessories. It comes with a …

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