Asus Lyra Unifi configuration guide

Asus Lyra Mesh Wifi System

This article is about the Asus Lyra mesh wireless system. Lyra is a mesh wireless system designed to cover your entire house with wireless coverage through the usage of mesh technology. As such, setting it up isn’t quite as similar as your conventional router. The Unifi configuration is a bit different as well. I write this article to help users facing issue in setting up their Lyra mesh wireless system.

This guide is applicable to the following models:

  • Asus Lyra
  • Asus Lyra Trio
  • Asus Lyra Mini


In this setup, we want to achieve a total replacement of the TM Unifi wireless router and have the Lyra to be connected directly to the Unifi modem. As such, you need to configure the VLAN settings and the PPPOE username and password. The PPPOE username and password can be obtained by calling TM customer service. The format for the username and password is below. You will also need a computer for setup.

  • Username: blacktubi@unifi
  • Password: DdcFR3djsDs (Case sensitive random string of characters)


Step 1: Power on the Lyra

The Unifi configuration is only needed to be performed on the main Lyra which is indicated by a blue sticker. Connect only the main Lyra to the power and turn it on. The Lyra is ready for configuration once the LED is white in color after the rainbow LED. If your LED is in any other color, you can reset it by pressing the reset button for 10 seconds.

Step 2: Connect to the WiFi of Lyra

Connect to the WiFi connection of the Lyra. The WiFi name is written underneath the device and the format is ASUS_XX_AMAPS.

Step 3: Browse to the configuration interface

Open up your favorite browser and open this link If this is unreachable, you can try

Step 4: Create a new Lyra Network

Agree the terms and conditions and click “Create A New Lyra Network”.

Step 5: Configure the administrator account

Configure the administrator username and password so other users cannot simply change your network configuration. Make sure you remember it. 

Step 6: Manual Internet configuration

Click manual settings as Unifi require a VLAN configuration.

Step 7: Unifi profile and PPPOE

Tick Special Requirement from ISP. If you do not see this, you need to update the firmware of your Lyra system. Make sure you tick this else you cannot connect to Unifi. Next, click PPPoE.

I included a firmware update guide below.

Step 8: PPPOE username and password

Insert the PPPOE username and password you obtained from TM. 

Step 9: Connecting to Unifi modem

Connect the Lyra system to the Unifi modem according to the picture.

For Lyra, the LAN 1 of the Unifi modem should be connected to the LAN port next to the DC power input.

For Lyra Trio, the LAN 1 of the Unifi modem should be connected to the LAN/WAN port.

Step 10: Select the Unifi profile

Select the respective Unifi profile. If you don’t watch HyppTV, you can select the Unifi-Business profile.

Step 11: Configure the WiFi connection

Insert your desired name of your WiFi connection and the WiFi password. 

Step 12: Pairing additional Lyra

There are 3 more steps after this but we are not doing the pairing now.  We will perform this using the app later. Just click Next to skip through all these. The Lyra will automatically reboot after this. 

Step 13: Testing and Setup Completion

Once the Lyra has rebooted, you can connect to your Lyra with the new WiFi name you just configured. Test if the internet is working. If it works, you can connect your HyppTV to the second LAN port at the Lyra.

Updating the firmware of the Asus Lyra

Certain Lyra may come with an older firmware without the Unifi mode built in. As such, you need to update the firmware. This is only required to be performed on the main Lyra.

The second and third Lyra will be automatically updated once they are added to the system.

Step 1: Download the latest firmware

You can download the latest firmware for Asus Lyra here. Make sure you are connected to your internet connection.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded file

The downloaded file will be in a .zip format. Extract the file and you will see the firmware file in .trx format.

Step 3: Connect to the WiFi of the Asus Lyra

Like mentioned above, connect to the WiFi connection of the Lyra. The WiFi name is written underneath the device and the format is ASUS_XX_AMAPS.

Step 4: Navigate to the configuration interface

Navigate to or

You may be prompted to login or create a new administrator account. Login using the account you have configured.

Step 5: Navigate to the firmware update screen

Step 6: Select the firmware

Select the extracted firmware file. The format of the file should be in .trx

Step 7: Upload the firmware

Upload the firmware and wait for the progress bar to reach 100%. Make sure you do not turn off the power until it reaches 100%. It may request you to reboot the Lyra manually by turning it off and on after the firmware update 

Step 8: Completion

Your firmware should be updated after the Lyra has rebooted. You can continue to configure your Lyra to work with Unifi here.

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  1. I’ve done all the above including updating the firmware BUT my Lyra still can’t connect to the net.

    I checked the WAN page of my router – “special requirement from ISP”

    There are 2 blanks there

    1. Host Name
    2. MAC Address

    For 1, do I need to type “unifi” or “” or some other wordings?

    For 2, do I click the “MAC Clone” button that will generate the address or not or type in something?

    Your site here helps indeed. TQ

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