Best Mesh WiFi Router 2021 for Malaysia

Before I come across TP-Link Deco mesh WiFi system, I was confident telling everyone that getting a high end WiFi router is the solution to good WiFi coverage and faster WiFi speed. Now, I’m not so sure if I will tell the same answer.

TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi system is very different from the typical TP-Link routers: it’s got a very pretty design, the firmware is constantly updated, and it has bonus features like 802.11k/v/r fast roaming, AP steering and band steering. It’s a direct rival to Google WiFi and Netgear Orbi. 

What makes TP-Link Deco different from the competitors is how well it works and how it makes the complex technology invisible to the end user. The entire system can only be managed with the TP-Link Deco app and it is extremely intuitive and user friendly.

What is Mesh WiFi?

Mesh WiFi is not as complex as you thought. A typical mesh WiFi system come with at least 2 units of mesh router and they can go all the way up to 10 units or more. The main unit will be connected with an Ethernet LAN cable to an Internet source and the rest of the units will connect wirelessly to the main unit.

Once they are all linked up, all of them will work together as a mesh WiFi network to blanket your home with a strong and reliable WiFi coverage.

Mesh WiFi 2021

Deco M9 Plus

TP-Link best mesh WiFi system with a AC2200 Tri-Band configuration for the best mesh WiFi performance. It also included Antivirus to protect your internet connected devices.

The Deco M9 Plus is the fastest Mesh WiFi system sold by TP-Link . It features a Tri-band Wireless AC2200 configuration for the best performance. By having a dedicated band constantly reserved for the mesh backhaul, it effectively double the capacity as the mesh backhaul is not shared with the normal WiFi connectivity.

The Deco M9 Plus also comes with the same Homecare features such as Antivirus, QoS and parental control as the Deco P7 and Deco M9 Plus. It also introduced the support for smart home sensors and come with Amazon Alexa integration. 

Deco P7

The Deco P7 features an innovative powerline + WiFi hybrid for the backhaul for the Mesh WiFi. It improves performance and capacity.

TP-Link Deco P7 is the second best Mesh WiFi system by TP-Link. In addition to using WiFi connectivity for the Mesh backhaul, it features powerline backhaul ability (PLC). The powerline adapter is integrated into the product without any additional adapter required. This resulted in better mesh performance. As powerline works by using the existing power cable of your home, it can work even there is no WiFi connectivity between your main router and mesh node.

The Deco P7 also features the Homecare Antivirus, QoS and parental control found on the Deco M5.

Deco M5

TP-Link Deco M5 delivers promising performance with wireless AC up to AC1200. It also included Antivirus to protect your internet connected devices.

TP-Link Deco M5 is TP-Link best selling mesh WiFi system thanks to the inexpensive price and good performance. Despite having similar AC1200 WiFi spec, it comes with a better hardware than the Deco M4. This resulted in better WiFi coverage and faster WiFi speed.

The Deco M5 also features many bonus features like the Homecare Antivirus powered by TrendMicro. It will protect your network from attacks and prevent your users from accessing a website containing a virus or malware. The Deco M4 also included the Homecare QoS which is an application based QoS mechanism, letting you to select what traffic to prioritize. It also features Homecare parental control which lets you to have a very granular control over what content and the internet access time for your user.

Deco M4

TP-Link Deco M4 is TP-Link entry level mesh WiFi system with good value for money. It delivers promising performance for good WiFi coverage.

TP-Link Deco M4 features Wireless AC up to AC1200.  Being TP-Link entry level mesh WiFi router, it actually performs really decently in our test. It is also very simple to setup with just the intuitive TP-Link Deco app. Coupled with fast roaming support, it makes it one of the best affordable mesh WiFi system in the market right now.


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Hi, for Deco M4 seem like is out of stock at many place, there are shop showing Deco HC4 is same as Deco M4, is it true?

Hi, which mesh wifi systen you recommend between m9 plus (3packs) , x90 (twin) and asus ax92u (twin) for double storey house 20×75. Currently subscription speed is 300mbps. Main router will be on upstair.

I was thinking to get buy the M5 single pack and then connecting 2 of my Archer routers in AP mode. Will it work? I’m in double storey house but the walls are damn thick.

The modem is in the store, so was planning to put the M5 in the store and route the Ethernet to the master bedroom and main living room to an Archer router in AP mode.


I see, but would be losing the Ethernet ports. Should I link it with a Switch? Can you suggest me a good Switch, Thanks.

Hi Alvyn,
What’s the best mesh router for Digi Home Fibre 300mbps?


Thank you. Would Deco M5 be too much for double storey house?

Hi Alvyn,
I’m using maxis fibre 100mbps now and would like to upgrade router to mesh. Which one is better for normal double storey house? Deco M5 or P7?

Thank you

Hi, I am currently using unifi 100mbps, staying condo 1020 sq ft, which model of mesh WiFi do u recommend?

Hi Alvyn,
My home is a double storey 3000 sq feet link house.
Currently subscribe to UNIFI 500mbps.
I’m internet heavy user, mostly streaming 4K movies and gamings. Should I take TP Link Deco M5 3 packs or Deco M9 3 packs ?

Hi Alvyn, just wanted to check with you, between P7 and M5 for a condominium, would M5 suffice?

Currently on TIME 500mbps.

Understood. Thanks a lot, Alvyn!

Hi, for a 2 storey home with built-up of 1700 sqft, is the M9 2 units sufficient? Or should I buy another unit to make it 3 units to cover the whole house? If there is an option to buy single add-on units… much appreciated!

Thanks for the response! I do currently have the Tp-link Archer C9 in my apartment, and plans to buy the M9 for when I move into my 2 storey home. Would you recommend that I use the M9 as the main router or keep the Archer C9 as the main router and have the C9 works in AP mode? But as I understand it, M9 in AP mode will lose all of its privacy etc features. Or have the Archer C9 as the AP mode…. it would be a shame if I have to let go the Archer C9. Thanks… Read more »


currently using the D-Link 842 ( got free when i upgraded unifi to 100mbs), but the coverage is weak due to walls and distance between D-Link 842 to my working stationary (even though using repeater which sometimes signal is loss or weak). Would you recommend me to buy another router or mesh? hope you can assist me . Thanks


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