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Updating the Firmware of Huawei E5186

Huawei E5186 is a Cat6 LTE modem router and the popularity has got up thanks to the rise of Unlimited 4G Internet plans in Malaysia. However, updating the firmware of the Huawei E5186 is not exactly easy. Most Huawei E5186 come with a really old firmware and it is known to cause a lot of issues. Here’s an article to help you on how you can update the firmware on the E5186.


  • Windows computer
  • Huawei Multicast Update Tool
  • Winrar installed (required by Multicast Upgrade Tool)

Setting a Static IP for your Ethernet port

You will need to configure the Ethernet interface of your computer to use a static IP in order for the router to be connected. How to configure the Ethernet Properties is different depending on the version of OS you are having. You can refer to my screenshot below. Remember to configure your computer to obtain an IP automatically once you are done with flashing your router.

Static IP

Flash a new Firmware for Huawei E5186

There are many methods available to flash firmware to Huawei E5186. I included 2 of them here. I always use the advanced method as the basic method never work for me. The chronology is really simple, put your router into firmware update mode and flash it using the Huawei Multicast Upgrade Tool and wait for at least 7 passes. I separated them into segments below.

Putting the router into firmware update mode.

  1. Turn off your router
  2. Plug your computer to LAN 1 of the router-
  3. Hold WIFI and WPS button while turn on the router
  4. When the WIFI LED blink once, quickly release the WIFI button. Release the WPS button after 1 second you release the WIFI button.
  5. Router should be in firmware update mode.

Flashing a firmware to the router (basic flashing)

1.  Change your Ethernet adapter into static IP

2.  Run Huawei Multicast Update Tool, it may require you to set the path to Winrar.exe

3.  Select your network card, tick force upgrade and select the firmware

Multicast Upgrade Tool for E5186

4.  Put your router into firmware update mode

5.  Click start

6.  Wait for 6-7 passes for a success flash

flashing done

7.  Turn off your router and exit Multicast Upgrade Tool.

8. Check if the firmware version is changed.

Flashing a firmware (advanced flashing)

It is basically the same as basic flashing but you will flash a really old firmware first before proceed to flash the desired firmware you want.

WARN: May brick your router

  1. Change your Ethernet adapter into static IP
  2. Put your router into firmware update mode
  3. Flash with multicast upgrade tool. Use the guide in the section above.
  4. Stop and Quit Multicast Update Tool after 6-7 passes
  5. Turn off your router
  6. Run multicast update tool, tick force upgrade, select the firmware you want to upgrade
  7. Click start
  8. Turn on the router and see if Multicast Upgrade Tool is sending firmware to E5186. Just turn it on directly, don’t enter firmware update mode.
  9. Wait for at least 5 minutes. Multicast Upgrade Tool should be sending files to the router. The colour of the MODE LED will change from time to time.
  10. Wait for the MODE LED to turn Green
  11. If the LED turns green, firmware flash is successful. Restart your router.
  12. Remember to change back the static IP
  13. Check if the router have the firmware version you flashed
  14. Reset the router is recommended



  1. Oh Chee Peng October 13, 2017

    Hi, do the new firmware has bridge capability?

    • blacktubi October 29, 2017

      It depends on which firmware you flash. Telia firmware come with bridge feature.

  2. aZoed October 8, 2017

    Are the LTE bands supported by the two subversions of this router software dependent? I have E5186s-22a but now moving to a country where E5186s-61a bands are required. Can I just flash the firmware and get it done?

    • blacktubi October 11, 2017

      Unfortunately, the hardware is different. The s61a version have slightly a different modem.

  3. tcsee September 30, 2017

    If I performed factory reset, does it mean it will roll back to the oldest firmware available?

    • blacktubi October 3, 2017

      No, it will remain on the current firmware.

  4. Mark Drummond September 27, 2017

    Thanks for your site and info. I have a Optus E5186s-61a. I upgraded to Huawei 21.306.01.00.74 using Huawei Multicast Update Tool. My major reason was so that I am able to use VOIP (this was not available in the Optus stock firmware) The modem has two Lines and I assumed I could configure two providers for VOIP, however in the firmware it will only allow one to be configured. Do you know if any other your other firmware gives two separate lines?

    • blacktubi October 3, 2017

      Hi, I afraid all firmwares only support a single VOIP provider.

  5. Darren September 25, 2017

    step to unbrick, repeat all steps for advanced flashing? or repeat normal flashing ? i’ve tried so many times, and i noticed that we i done flashed to older firmware, quit multicast, open again and the ip will change to, and we canot do anything there

    • blacktubi September 27, 2017

      Yes, repeat all steps of advanced flashing. It depends how bricked your modem is as well.

  6. Brandon September 12, 2017

    How do I choose the antenna setting? It seems that even after flashing, it doesn’t show at all.

    • blacktubi September 16, 2017

      Antenna settings is never available on E5186

  7. thasvin August 20, 2017

    blacktubi, which firmware that allow to set custom wifi bandwitdth ?thanks alot!

    • blacktubi August 21, 2017

      I don’t think there is any firmware with this feature

  8. psjjl August 8, 2017

    Which firmware should I use for OPTUS icon?

    • blacktubi August 8, 2017

      Only tested to be working with E5186s-22 currently.

      • psjjl August 9, 2017

        I got my E5186s-22A with OPTUS logo

        • blacktubi August 9, 2017

          You will have to look around for firmwares. I don’t have a list here.

  9. syahmi August 7, 2017

    thanks blacktubi. i have a question, i did the advanced flashing and i have waited until the light turn green, but as soon as i restart the router it turn blue back. i have check the firmware it is according to the latest firm lmt i installed. is it normal my light will just be blue?

    • blacktubi August 7, 2017

      Yes, it will back to blue after it is rebooted.

  10. Ivan August 4, 2017

    it is apply to Viva icon on E5186 modem ?

    • blacktubi August 4, 2017

      Yes, all Huawei E5186 should be able to be updated.

      • ivan August 4, 2017

        there are few firmware at your folder may i know which 1 is suitable A1T1, huawei, LTM, etc..?. thanks …

        • blacktubi August 4, 2017

          A1T1 should be fine

  11. Andrew Chia August 3, 2017

    May I know what is “passes” in Item 6 (basic flashing) and Item 4 (advanced flashing)?

    The E5186s-22a (stock Huawei label) has an internal online firmware update option. Been pressing it many times and was informed “This version is the latest/ newest”. That doesn’t update to the newest firmware anymore (i.e. Huawei no longer releasing updates)?


    • blacktubi August 3, 2017

      The built in web firmware doesn’t work. The passes refer to the package file send time on Huawei Multicast Upgrade Tool.

  12. fienamie August 2, 2017

    Bro, could you share the step to unbrick. Thanks.

    • blacktubi August 3, 2017

      You should be able to reflash until it is working again.

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