Performance Fix for Asus RT-AC1300UHP, RT-AC58U and RT-AC55UHP

If you read my blog, you know I am a huge fan of the RT-AC55UHP before it got replaced by the RT-AC1300UHP. The WiFi performance is really good and it is a really stable piece of equipment. Well, time has go by and we got Unifi TURBO now. 

It is found that these models have issue supporting speed more than 500Mbps on wired LAN due to a firmware bug related to acceleration when VLAN mode is engaged.

Thankfully,  in typical Asus fashion, they never forget about their old equipment and they decided to make fix this firmware issue with a firmware update. Kudos to Asus for that. These are beta firmwares but they do work fairly well and we do not face any issues with them in our test. We do recommend you to perform a factory reset after the firmware update.

RT-AC58U and RT-AC1300UHP

You can obtain the firmware for these 2 models below. Don’t be scared by the RT-AC58U wording, this firmware will work for the RT-AC1300UHP as well. We tried it and do not face issues with it.


The firmware for the RT-AC55UHP is available in the link below.

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I’m not sure why but RT-AC55UHP is not really picking up the speed it should be… its due to the firmware issues?
I only got around 50mb for 2.4ghz and 100mb for 5ghz… i’m currently on 800mb package…

Thanks a lot, almost sold my RT-AC1300UHP because its not reaching 800Mbps and stuck at 500Mbps on ethernet.

Hi, Need your advice.

My router ac-55udp speed limit was below 200mbps (Wifi/Lan) although i have been turbo-ed to 800 Mpbs. Do you have any suggestion or checks i need to perform?

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