ASUS Unifi Router Setup Guide – 2019 Update

ASUS Unifi Setup Guide

All ASUS routers sold in Malaysia can support TM Unifi with Unifi TV (HyppTV) easily with just a few clicks. Upgrading to a new router will bring many benefits including better WiFi speed and a more reliable connection.

In this article, we will guide you how to change your old router into a new ASUS wireless router.

Unifi PPPOE Username and Password


You will need your Unifi PPPOE username and password to connect to the Internet. These can be obtained by contacting TM customer serviceYou will need to be the owner as TM will verify the identity.

Upon submitting a request, TM will call you back within 24 hours to provide you with the username and password. 


Wiring Guide:

How to connect your new Unifi router.

Firstly, before you start, I recommend you to take a picture of your existing cable so you know how to fix it if somethng went wrong. If all is good, you can proceed to remove your old wireless router and connect your new Asus wireless router to the ONU (Optical Network Unit). Next, connect your HyppTV STB to the 4th LAN port of your new Asus router. It should be labelled with LAN4 on the back of the wireless router.

Unifi Configuration Guide:

Once you got your new wireless router properly connected, you can proceed to setup the firmware of the new wireless router.

1) Reset the router to factory state

If the wireless router is used previously, I suggest you reset the router to factory state to prevent any issues. You can skip this step if the router is brand new. You can do this by pressing the reset button for 5 seconds when it is powered on or click the factory default button on the WebUI. Your router will reboot at this point.

2) Visit the WebUI of your router

Step 1 configuration.

Once your router rebooted, navigate to the web interface of your router. The address should be You will be greeted with this familiar Setup Wizard. Click the “Go” button to proceed to the next step.

3) Configure New Admin Password

Setup the admin password.

You should configure a secure admin password to prevent other unauthorised users from modifying the configuration. Write it down somewhere so you don’t forget it.

4) Auto-detection

Detect the connection automatically.

The router will detect the type of connection automatically now. The process should take less than 3 minutes.

5) Connection selection

Use PPPOE connection.

As this is a full replacement of TM provided router, PPPOE will be used. Therefore, select “Yes” when you are prompted with this page.

6) PPPOE and ISP Profile Configuration

Configure Unifi ID and password.

Insert your Unifi username and password you just obtained from TM into the respective field. Tick “Special Requirement from ISP” and Select Unifi-Home or Unifi-Biz depending on your Unifi subscription. If you are a home user, choose Unifi-Home.

7) Wireless Configuration

Configure wireless network.

You will be prompted to configure the wireless network now. Insert your desired wireless network name and password and click “Apply” when you are done. The router should reboot at this point.

8) TestingUnifi connected on Asus RT-AC87U.

If the procedures are being done properly, Unifi and HyppTV should work properly now. You should see the “Connected” indicator on the status page. If Unifi is still not working, check back and see if you have missed any step. Ensure your new wireless router is connected to the modem properly and you have a correct PPPOE username and password. You can contact Asus Networking Support here if you have any more issues with your new Asus router.

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is it possible to set up a new router without a direct LAN cable connection to a PC or Laptop? my PC is on the 1st floor and the UNIFI box is downstairs and i don’t have a laptop.

Hi sir,

I just got my Asus AC1200, i followed all the steps correctly and the internet status at the network map says connected.
But i cant seem to have internet connection. Everytime I go to Google or Face or any other website, it will redirect me to the Asus router setup page.

Please Help
Thank you

Ahh I solved it already. I did not update the firmware of the router. After updating it, everything is ok

My HYPP TV box and the TV are not in the same location. What’s the furtherest distance they can be apart. I dont have bought the cable yet so just wanna know if there are limits.


I currently just bought the ASUS RT-AC5300 using with the Unifi Modem.
All are working fine including HyppTV connected with LAN port 4.
The HyppTV setup box comes with wifi capability, I want to know what I need to configure in the ASUS router in order for me able to use HyppTV connecting to the Wifi instead of LAN? Thanks.

Thanks for the detailed setup procedure. Worked for me, so far. After 24 hours seemed to be hot and cold. Very fast then stop. Then fast then stop. Never mind I’m happy. Thanks also for the comments that also helped me.

My connection to the internet says that it is disconnected but I have followed all the steps that is shown. What should I do?

Hello, I just purchased Asus RT AC88u. It has 8 lan ports, should i still connect the 4th lan port?


Yeah, for the the HyppTV. Anyway, its works on the 4th lan port but not the 8th. Thanks anyway.

I purchased ac68u.

Followed setup.

Router says connected to Internet but web pages (and everything else) doesn’t connect

I use the Username and password that I use to log in to the standard account when I log in to the website. are the standard account details or is it different?

Ok the password is not the account password used to log in to general account details. It is a different unifi network password – I got it from tech support and it all works
Thanks for the help

Im switching from Maxis Home Fibre to Unifi 30 Advanced soon. Plan to replace stock router with AC88U. But best place for the router would require setup as access point. What do you think about the performance?

Hi. Yesterday I buy DLink AC750.I try to setup the router but then it all success but there is no internet connection. Can u please help guide me?

ok i select it and status at dlink show that it is connected.the globe symbol also on.but when i try using the internet it tell me that there is no internet connection.

hi, i was reading your blog about setting up Unifi and i just want to ask your opinion on my newly bought asus router.
i bought it to replace the Unifi L7 router , but strange thing is the asus router coverage wifi coverage wasnt good. And when i switched the long 9dbi antennas to the 5dbi antennas, it solved the wifi coverage issue.
Do you have any opinions on this issue?
Thank you very much for your time

i bought the Asus RT-N12HP with 9 dbi antennas. When i replace the antennas with 5 dbi ones, it provides much better coverage.

Saya sudah beli asus rt-ac68u. tapi saya tengok panduan yang diberi untuk unifi home/biz. macam mana kalau ssya punya unifi advance 30mbps?perlu pilih yang mana?

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