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Asus RT-AC1300UHP Wireless Router Review – Asus best mid range router?

Asus RT-AC1300UHP is the latest addition to Asus mid range Wireless AC router lineup. This is the range of routers where most people will buy due to the price is more affordable and they offer a good value for the price of the router. It comes with the latest specifications and we shall see how it stacks up against Asus RT-AC55UHP and the RT-AC1200G+ which is priced in the same range as well. You will be surprised by the result!


On first look, I like the design of this router. The design is plain and simple with a matte black look. I am actually surprised by how small this router is, the footprint is actually just around 18cm*13cm. You are able to put this router everywhere with the small footprint. The built quality is still Asus standard, quality matte black plastic material is used all around the router despite being a mid-range router.

Hardware and Specifications

Asus RT-AC1300UHP have support for Wireless AC1300 (400Mbps on 2.4Ghz and 867Mbps on 5Ghz) with Wireless MU-MIMO Wave 2 support. I believe this is the most affordable MU-MIMO wireless router in the market currently. On the more technical side of things, it runs Qualcomm IPQ4018 Quad Core SoC. This means the performance of this router should surpass Asus RT-AC55UHP and definitely better than RT-AC1200G+. The specifications of this mid range router is pretty impressive and we shall see how the specs convert into actual real world performance in further testing.


There are 4 antennas on this router which they are non-removable. Asus claim that they are high gain antennas so you shouldn’t need to replace them. I also like the fact that there is a mechanism to ensure the antenna stay upright for the best signal coverage.

The router comes with 6 LED indicators on top of the router. There is not a lot of things going on at the back of the router. You get a handful of 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and a WAN port at the back of the router. The single USB 3.0 port is situated at the front of the router.



Asus RT-AC1300UHP comes with the familiar AsusWRT firmware. You have the familiar AsusWRT interface which I have always liked for the features and stability. The main page allows you to have a good overview of your network. Of course, you also can use the Asus Router app which is available for both Android and iOS devices to manage your router. Setting up this router is really user friendly as well.

There is certainly no lack of features on this router. It comes with a basic QoS mechanism which Asus call is SmartQoS. It also comes with a VPN server and VPN client in the firmware. This is useful if you use a VPN network for your entire home. There’s also a basic parental control feature in this router.


I really like the flexibility of this router which is able to function as different roles. Apart from the usual wireless router, access point and media bridge operation modes, it is able to function as a wireless repeater or Asus calls it range extender. You can use it to expand the signal of your existing network of your Asus but that will be a really expensive despite really good wireless repeater.


You can do a lot of things with the USB port. The router have support for USB 4G/3G modem so you can plug it a USB 4G modem for internet connectivity on this router. Besides, you are able to plug in a USB drive and share files on the network easily to all devices. You also can plug in your USB printer and transform it into a network capable printer easily.

Asus RT-AC1300UHP Unifi Compatibility


The router is fully compatible with TM Unifi with HyppTV working properly. It is compatible with major Malaysia ISP as well. You can refer to my Asus Unifi router setup guide on how to configure this router to work with TM Unifi.

You can either use the quick setup guide or just head over to the LAN > IPTV page and change it to the Unifi-Home profile then proceed to key in your Unifi PPPOE ID and password obtained from TM.


We know the RT-AC1300UHP comes with decent specs for the price of a mid-range router and we shall see how it translates into real world performance. Wireless signal strength is great, I think it is slightly better than Asus RT-AC55UHP. It is definitely better than TM stock D-Link DIR-850L router. The wireless performance is decent as well. As expected, there is no problems with my 100Mbps Internet connection. With the quad core SoC and 256MB RAM, there shouldn’t be an issue to handle a large amount of connections. I have over 15 devices connected and this router is not showing any signs of congestion.


My wireless benchmark testing methodology is slightly different this time. I am using my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as the client due to small devices are more relevant nowadays, performance matter more on small wireless devices with smaller antennas. This is partly also due to I do not have another computer to act as the iPerf server. Well, back to the figures, I am impressed. The RT-AC1300UHP is able to deliver over 400Mbit/s consistently over wireless to my phone. The beamforming is doing its thing to increase the gain to the wireless client. It is much faster than Asus RT-AC55UHP and RT-AC1200G+.

USB 3.0 Port Performance

There is a single USB 3.0 Port in front of the router. I insert my usual USB 3.0 External hard drive to conduct a simple network file sharing speed benchmark over Samba. The performance is surprisingly good for a midrange router at around 18MB/s for the read and write speed. The quad core SoC is truly showing its power here. The performance can easily beat higher end routers.

The Verdict


Asus RT-AC1300UHP is currently retailing at around RM550 in Malaysia. I believe this is the most affordable MU-MIMO Wave 2 wireless router in the market currently. The value of this router is really good. It comes with a decent specification to ensure that this router is able to handle a large amount of connections. The quad core SoC and the huge amount of RAM is doing its job in ensuring that the router is never bog down. Not to mention that the stability is great as well, I have this router on for days and all my wireless devices are connected without downtime. Coupled with AsusWRT firmware which is known for its simplicity and stability, it is really easy to configure and maintain this router as well.

I recommend this router to be a replacement of your stock router provided by your ISP. At around RM550, it remains relatively affordable to most people but it offers a great amount of value. Sure, it may not have those fancy features that are reserved for the pricier Asus router. But, how many features you need on a router? It is possibly my new favourite router from Asus.

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Ssler Lee

Hi, blacktubi,
Im staying double storey house. currenty i have 1 tv box, 2 smart tv , 2 ipad , 8 smartphone , 1pc connecting online. And i’m playing online game. Which asus router suitable rt-ac1300uhp or rt-ac68u?

Amir Rasdi

Hi bos,
is this router compatible with Time?


Hi, i just moved to new house and the TP link provided from unifi not workable for me. Any recommendation for a router? Let say the house build up is about 4000 square feet. double story. Thank you


For a 900sqft apartment <10 devices 30mbps Unifi, which would you recommend: Asus RT-AC1300UHP or RT-AC1200G+ ?

Or do you recommend something else coz some stores said both are overkill for my situation?

Wan Khairil

Thanks for the review. The Asus RT-AC1300UHP looks very2 good and value for money. Before I pull the trigger, what would be the model that is one step higher spec’ed than this one that you would recommend? I plan to use it at home, I can have up to 20 devices connected concurrently (phones/computers/ipads/web cam) (big family), i’m on unifi and i use HyppTV. Appreciate your view.


Can I use the LAN4 for a normal internet connection instead of HyppTV since I don’t use the service at all, the stock TM unifi router has the LAN4 port configured only for HyppTV so it doesn’t give internet access at all.


Good day!

Im living on town house, where im living upstairs where unifi router placed, but my relative living under my floor are using it as well, currently we all are having connection issue when around 10+ devices are connected concurrently.

Do you think RT01300UHP are enough for my family? (At least better than Unifi original router)


i check in asus website.
RT-AC1300UHP is mu-mimo 1X1 2.4Ghz , 1X1 2.4Ghz
and RT-Ac68U is mu-mimo 3X3 2.4Ghz and 3X3 5Ghz.
what is it function?

my home have 8 device connected, and is single storey house, normally is steaming TV and use ipad to download some movie.

i hear many user is recommend RT-AC 68U . But that is old model??
can you recommend between this 2 router, which is more valueable to me?


Vinny chee



Hi, am using mostly cable connection. Would an upgrade to RT-AC1300UHP from RT-N56U make a difference?


Hi bro,
Thanks for your informative sharing as I almost getting RT-AC55UHP but after read your latest review on RT-AC1300UHP. I purchased it finally and got it yesterday. Setup is superb easy. Performance is 10x better than stock router TM provided. Glad I made this change. Now, no more lagging and wifi speed is fantastic!

Wifi running smoothly with constant flow of wifi strong signal. Thanks again for your great review.



hi, currently i still thinking RT-AC1300UHP , RT-AC58U, and RT-AC51U+.
which 1 is best between this 3 model?


thanks your info.


ciao, i’ve been eyeing this router for a few days now.

how do you think this router would fare for a double storey brick house in malaysia?

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