D-Link DIR-878 Review – AC1900 MU-MIMO Wireless Router

D-Link DIR-878

D-Link DIR-878 is a Wireless AC MU-MIMO AC1900 wireless router. It has all the modern specifications in today’s standard. This is a rather simple wireless router good for people looking for a step up over their ISP router without the need for additional features. If you are still using an old Wireless N router or you are still using an older Wireless AC router, the MU-MIMO capable DIR-878 may be a good choice for your consideration.

The hardware design itself is no frills as well. It comes with 4 external antennas and Malaysians love antennas on their router. The entire device is painted in a matte black color. As for ports, it has 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and a WAN port. There is no USB port on this router. The top of the routers come with only 3 indicators so you have to rely on the web interface if you need to see additional status of your D-Link DIR-878. There are no indicators for the LAN port activity.

Firmware and Features


  • QoS
  • L2TP VPN
  • DDNS
  • D-Link Wifi app

Everything about the firmware on the DIR-878 is about practicality. They are all non-nonsense. From the configuration, it wasn’t too complex to begin with as D-Link included a setup guide. The interface is very easy and simple to navigate around. Everything was nicely laid out. Features wasn’t too excessive like the ASUSWRT router as D-Link taken a minimalistic approach to the firmware. You get features that you actually need without additional features to bog down the firmware.

The QoS feature is like every D-Link router where you insert your Internet speed and select the level of priority you want it to be. Next, it has a L2TP VPN server built in which allows you to have easy remote access back to your router shall you require that. D-Link also included a free DDNS feature with the DIR-878 which is useful if you need that to view your IP camera. The DIR-878 can be configured using the D-Link Wifi app as well.

Performance Testing

Wireless Performance

Short Distance

  • Average: 390Mbps
  • Peak 471Mbps

Long Distance (7 meters 1 concrete wall)

  • Average: 145Mbps

In the short distance performance test, the DIR-878 peak at 471Mbps and average at 390Mbps. The performance is somewhat expected for a router at this price range. This is tested using a laptop with a AC1200 wireless card and most devices are able to achieve this kind of performance.

The long distance performance is slightly faster than other routers in the same range that we have tested. We manage to clock a speed of 145Mbps on our 7 meters 1 concrete wall speed test. We can concluded that the DIR-878 have some actually decent WiFi performance at long range as we manage to have a higher speed than routers at the same price range. We noticed that the WiFi coverage is slightly better than routers at the same price range despite this router is not branded as UHP.

WAN to LAN Throughput

We are able to reach a peak speed of 947Mbps when we are testing the WAN to LAN throughput. This router should not have any issues on wired Ethernet even with a Gigabit Internet plan. 

D-Link DIR-878 Unifi Compatible

D-Link DIR-878 is fully compatible with Unifi in Malaysia. It will work with Unifi turbo up to 800Mbps over wired Ethernet LAN. You need to enable VLAN and select the correct ISP profile for your Internet to work. The default HyppTV port is LAN 4 but you can disable it or change it to another port you like.

Configuring the DIR-878 for Unifi is easy. You just need to follow the setup guide and remember to select PPPOE and insert your Unifi username and password which is obtainable from TM. Next, you have to manually go to the interface and enable the VLAN option then proceed to select the Unifi profile. It is also compatible with Maxis Fiber. 

Closing Thoughts

D-Link DIR-878 is a AC1900 MU-MIMO router. At the sub RM500 price range, it will give the Asus RT-AC1300UHP and the TP-Link Archer C7 a good fight for the price. It comes with a faster AC1900 radio than both of the models I mentioned above. The affordable price is not without compromise as D-Link removed the USB port on the DIR-878.

The firmware powering the router is really practical and simple.  Configuring the DIR-878 is relatively simple and not too complicated. It also supports Unifi and Maxis Fibre. We tested the WAN to LAN performance and this router should not have any issues supporting a Gigabit or the Unifi 800Mbps Internet connection.

We are glad to recommend this router for everyone looking a replacement to their stock Unifi router that have trouble reaching Gigabit even on LAN after the free upgrade. However, do not expect Gigabit performance over Wifi. We tested the Wifi which averaged around the 400Mbps mark. If you need a faster WiFi speed, maybe you can consider the D-Link DIR-895L which have a better WiFi performance. It is also a good choice if you are still using an older Wireless N wireless router.

D-Link DIR-878

A basic wireless router without all the bell and whistle. Comes with a no frills and functional firmware. Performance is decent and relatively affordable as a AC1900 router.


Tubi Score

Good Stuff

  • Affordable pricing
  • Unifi Turbo supported
  • Gigabit/800Mbps ready

Bad Stuff

  • No USB port
  • Only 3 LED indicators

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  1. Hi,

    I’d like to know if the DIR-878 is capable enough to support a 500mbps UniFi line? I’m currently torned between this router and the RT-AC68U.

    What are you opinions for the said matter.


  2. Hi there. I would like to know how do you block mac address for this dir-878. Im clueless. Using the latest firmware. Also my hypptv does not work with this router as the tv shows small satelite dish at bottom right corner.

          1. Updated to latest firmware still same problem.Any other method? Very surprising that it worked at first and now not able to do so.Kindly advice thanke

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