TP-Link Archer C2300 Review and Tips

TP-Link Archer C2300 is TP-Link’s contender to the mid-range router market. To differentiate itself from the contenders, TP-Link actually given the C2300 some pretty powerful hardware coupled with quite a good amount of features which include the HomeCare Antivirus and QoS.

Hardware and Design

TP-Link Archer C2300 comes with a powerful Broadcom Dual-Core CPU and 512MB RAM similar to the much more expensive ASUS RT-AC86U. This CPU is really fast and coupled with the high amount of RAM, it can handle a lot of devices connected.

With the powerful hardware, the router actually get quite warm under heavy usage but it doesn’t seem to impact the performance.

The wireless router is not shy of expandability as well. Behind the router are 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and a Gigabit Ethernet WAN port. Looking at side and you will see the dual USB ports with one of them being USB 3.0. You can use these ports to share a USB printer or share files on the network. The router even have a TimeMachine feature if you are an Apple user.

Setting up the router

Configuring the Archer C2300 is very easy with the included setup wizard. We recommend using a computer to setup the router as the Unifi option is not visible if you use the TP-Link Tether app.

Simply connect to the WiFi of the router and navigate to The default WiFi name and password is labeled below the router. The setup wizard will be asking you several questions to complete the setup process. It takes us around 8 minutes to get the wireless router up and running.


Archer C2300 Unifi Setup

TP-Link Archer C2300 is fully compatible with TM Unifi with HyppTV working perfectly. It is also compatible with Maxis Fibre and TIME Fiber. Fear not, click here for out guide on how to configure TP-Link Unifi routers for you.

Remember to select the VLAN profile in the setup wizard. If you forgotten that step, you can refer to the screenshot above on how to manually select it in the firmware.

Features and Firmware

The firmware on the C2300 is really easy to use and navigate around. It is separated into the basic and advanced type depending on which kind of user you are. We also really like the TP-Link Tether app which is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app lets you to monitor and manage your wireless router directly from your smartphone without the need of a computer.

TP-Link Archer C2300 comes with the standard features you will see on a wireless router such as port forwarding, IP address reservation and DDNS. In addition to those, the router can also support a VPN server. I would prefer if the router can support VPN client.

The web interface also comes with a built-in speedtest tool to check your Internet speed directly from the router itself. This can prevent any issues such as bottleneck in the LAN cable or computer issue. The speedtest tool have no problem reaching over 900Mbps as it is powered by .

TP-Link HomeCare

TP-Link Archer C2300 also introduced TP-Link Homecare suite which features an Antivirus, QoS and Parental control. We found the TrendMicro powered Antivirus feature to work really well. Our attempts to open some known websites containing malware are blocked by the wireless router.

HomeCare QoS

HomeCare QoS is particularly helpful when your internet speed is slower and you wish to select which application or device you want to have higher priority. There are multiple profiles available with even a gaming profile for the gamers.

We do not recommend using QoS if your Internet speed is faster than 100Mbps but it will certainly come in handy shall the need arises.

Performance Testing

The router takes 48 seconds to boot up until the WiFi and Internet is fully usable. We don’t keep a record of how every router boot in the past but 48 seconds is a fast one.

The USB performance is also extremely fast. We are testing it with the same USB external hard drive we have been using and we are looking at over 46MB/s write speed and over 50MB/s read. This can even rival some cheap NAS storage devices.

WiFi Performance

The WiFi performance from the Archer C2300 is great. There is a smart connect feature which I recommend you to enable it. This option will combine both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz and automatically steer your devices to the right band. 

We tested the router with our usual test laptop with a built in 2×2 AC1200 wireless card and it performs really well. The speed is expected on our AC1200 device, peaking at around 478Mbps at short distance. On longer distances, we are still getting a really respectable 454Mbps.

The performance gain is more apparent when testing it with a 3×3 capable device such as TP-Link’s own Archer T9E. TP-Link Archer C2300 supports is 3×3 which means it can transmit and receive with 3 antennas simultaneously. To realize the full potential, 3×3 devices have to be used. We are reaching a speed of more than 600Mbps when running the same speedtest with TP-Link’s own Archer T9UH USB WiFi Adapter. 

Sadly, most devices in the market are only up to 2×2 WiFi speed. You definitely need the latest devices to enjoy faster WiFi speed.

Closing Thoughts

All in all the TP-Link Archer C2300 is a great wireless router. The WiFi performance is really good. It is not the best WiFi performance out there. But, at less than RM600, it is a steal for what it offers! The speed, coverage and stability is amazing on this router. The router is also really easy to setup and it comes with a good amount of features. We really like the Antivirus and parental control feature.

P/S: The SRP at the time of writing is RM679. You can get it at less than RM600 during sales or with promo codes.

Archer C2300

TP-Link Archer C2300


Tubi Score

Good Stuff

  • Great WiFi performance
  • Fast bootup and stable
  • HomeCare Antivirus

Bad Stuff

  • No Individual LED for each LAN port
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Hi Alvyn, the c2300 is currently on sale for the same price as the newer AX50 model. I’m unlikely to get any wi-fi 6 devices anytime soon, my priority is signal strength on both 2.5g and 5g. I also attach a 2gb drive to my router as a media server, I’ve heard that the AX50 is a bit disappointing despite using usb3. Which would you recommend?

Many thanks, I’ll give it a try.

what is the difference between c2300 v1 and v2? 1 usb port less and non removable antennas?

Hi Alvyn, i’m currently on the unifi 300mbps plan, but unable to achieve close to that speed and cant maintain even at 200+ mbps on LAN. For WIFI, i’m getting about 100-140mbps near to router (living room), while at first floor and my bed room i’m averaging about 100-120mbps too. Any advice ?

1. What is the different between C2300 V1 and V2?
2. How hot does it get, as mentioned in your article? Will it last if I keep the router on for weeks?
3. Any problem running with UniFi TV?
I am attracted to the Mu-Mimo feature.

Hi Alvyn,

Thanks for ur review here, I’ve been using this router for 6 months now together with unifi 800mbps and all I can say it is an AWESOME router.

I’m seeking some advice from you regarding the USB sharing storage where I plan to use 512 M.2 SSD storage and plug it in through USB 3.0 port. No gonna use extensively per daily but once a while just need it to update some small data like excel, word and uploadnpic.

Do you think this is gonna work for the long run?

C2300 or Asus 1300uhp? Which one for long coverage and good in wifi? Thanks

Hi, i am considering to get this mainly for the superfast boot up time. But the price is a bit on the high side for me, as i dont really superfast wireless as my internet is only 100Mbps.

What about the Archer A9? Or other models which have fast boot up time? Currently i am using C1200 and boot up until wifi ready is almost 2 minutes.

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