TP-LINK Load Balance Router TL-R470T+ Preview

TP-LINK had been long known of producing really affordable router. The TL-R470T+ I just got is no exception, it cost around MYR250 and support load balance up to 4 WAN. The one I got here is the V3 version which should be quite similar to the V1 and V2. It support 10000 concurrent session and come with 1 LAN port, 1 WAN port and 3 changeable LAN/WAN port. However the Ethernet port are just 100BASE-TX which is not bad for this kind of price. It works on 100-240V. The full specifications can be available here.

Equipment come with R470T+

The equipment is quite simple. It come with the device itself, 1 Ethernet cable, 1 power cord, some instruction manual and a resource CD. The power regulator is build into the device and there’s no external power brick. Good job TP-LINK for including this on a device this price.


TP-LINK R470T+  3

TL-R470T+ is metal build and feels really solid on hand. As this is more of a SOHO router, it feature a no frills design, you get only the useful stuff. On the front, you get the power and status LED. The LED change color according to either WAN or LAN is configured. On the back, you find your AC power connector, 5 Ethernet port and a reset button.

The web interface is very simple and beginner friendly. Just plug in 2 WAN and with a few clicks, you are good to go. The load balancing algorithm works well, I am able to fully combine 2 Streamyx 4Mbit internet and end up with a 8Mbit connection. No compatible issue with webpages, even banking site works well.

Pros :

  • Performance is great for that price.
  • Very user friendly.
  • Solid build no frills design.

Cons :

  • 100BASE-TX Ethernet
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Hi blacktubi,

Ive several questions to ask you about setting up tp-link load balance router r480t +v7. I intend to combine 4 streamyx (2Mbs) accounts to load balancer. For starting I try to connect only one modem to the router. Ive already following the step they provided but unsuccessful to connect to internet. Is it the right way to setting Streamyx modem to bridge mode (1483 bridged ) then quick setup in tp-link interface to connect via pppoe mode? Is their any particular setting that I should do to due to streamyx?

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