Unifi 2Gbps Fibre Internet Plan is Official

Unifi 2Gbps

If 800Mbps is not fast enough for you, TM is finally offering speed up to 2Gbps for their Unifi Fibre Internet. However, if you find 2Gbps is too much, TM also announced their new 1Gbps. This new offering is set to redefine high-speed Internet access in Malaysia with TM’s broader fibre availability.

The Unifi 2Gbps plan is a significant upgrade from their previous offerings, more than doubling the speed from their current 800Mbps plan. The 2Gbps ultra-fast speed will be able to support more devices which is really helpful especially for those with a bigger household.

Unifi 2Gbps Plan

 Unifi 1GbpsUnifi 2Gbps
Download Speed1Gbps2Gbps
Upload Speed500Mbps1Gbps

The new 2Gbps plan is slightly pricier than the existing 800Mbps plan. However, TM is including access to the Unifi TV service and several other subscription content such as Disney+. There’s also an introductory promotion of RM399/month for the Unifi 2Gbps plan and RM349/month for the Unifi 1Gbps plan.

Also worth mentioning is the upload speed is a rather significant increase over the 200Mbps from the 800Mbps plan. The 1Gbps upload speed of the Unifi 2Gbps plan is double the speed of TIME Fibre’s 2Gbps plan. It’s great to see TM finally playing catch-up to TIME fibre.

Unifi 2Gbps Router and Mesh

As for equipment, TM is giving D-Link’s DPN-FX3060V Wi-Fi 6 certified all-in-one optical network router (ONR) which comes with an intergrated fibre modem and Wi-Fi 6 router. Unfortunately, the ONR only comes with Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and only Wi-Fi 6 AX3000 capability.

This means the Ethernet LAN speed will not exceed the 1Gbps speed on a single device even when you’re subscribed to the 2Gbps plan. As such, Unifi only promise a maximum aggregate speed of 2Gbps when several devices are using the Internet.

Source: FAQ from Unifi's portal

TM also does not allow the use of third party optical fibre modem. It is not possible to use a third fibre modem to get speed faster than 1Gbps on a single device even with the 2Gbps plan. Getting over 1Gbps speed when using the Wi-Fi will be hard with the rather mediocre Wi-Fi 6 AX3000 specifications.

TM is also including free Wi-Fi 6 certified mesh Wi-Fi units for new users subscribing to the 800Mbps up to the Unifi 2Gbps plan. The mesh Wi-Fi units will be really helpful especially to those staying in a bigger homes by expanding the Wi-Fi coverage signal to every corner of the property.


More info are available from TM’s portal here. However, just bear in mind that it will come with a 24 months contract for new and customers who upgrade to the new plans. TM is also providing a guarantee where any service disruption will be resolved within 12 working hours for the new ultra-fast plans.

TM said the 1Gbps and 2Gbps plan will be available nationwide. However, TM also mentioned that it will depends on port availability and they did not release a detailed coverage map where the faster plan can be support. I suggest visiting your nearest TM point to check whether your location is covered.

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I’ve Asus AXE-11000 subscribed to 500mbps & planning to upgrade to 1gbps soon. The technical team said I won’t be able to use my own router since TM will provide ONR. The comments below says that PPPOE won’t be working anymore. How do I set up my router for it to work seamlessly & which mode I suppose to select with?

So I have today just had the 1Gbps installed and the routers SUCK! If I’m not to the main router on 5G is get great speeds of around 800-900 Mbps. Step 6 feet away and you have to use 2.4G and speeds are around 100 Mbps…….heres the kicker!

Upstairs next to the mesh router I’m getting 2mbps wireless connection and upstairs it’s 0.28mbps and unusable.

Anyone else have this issue? The mesh doesn’t really seem to be doing anything.

Hi. I am thinking to subscribe to 1Gbps Unifi or Maxis. Can I use TP-Link Deco BE85 or ASUS ZenWiFi XT12 with their modem routers?

Is it possible to set the D-LINK DPN-FX3060V into bridge mode so that we can use 3rd party router like TP Link instead? TM’s one-box approach is such a pain as it restricts our ability to use better aftermarket hardware.

Does it support third party routers like Asus or even my trusty Mi AX6000(with using switch of course)

yeap, got mine installed yesterday with the “new” D-Link ONU+Router. Blacktubi, if you mind could you do a tutorial on using the new 1Gbps/2Gbps router all in one but using a 3rd party router like the Google Nest or a Mi AX6000 routers?

As before i read your tutorial on using a switch, issit the same? Because i cant get mine working. It use to work with the old Unifi Huawei ONU modem. Now i have to switch back to the old modem first instead of the new one that Unifi provided.

I just get my new D-LINK DPN-FX3060V router! Since like cant link to my asus rog ax11000 using automatic IP mode! Can anyone upload video not to get this stuff work! If just AP mode can use meaning ax11000 totally useless! thanks

Hello, my Unifi zte 2 in 1 modem+router recently breakdown. The TM technician said they no longer provide modem and can only replace my old one with another 2 in 1 modem router (aztech DS244WSGV-V3), charge rm189+53 or renew contract. Can I setup my own router from this router modem? I actually wanted a pure modem replacement from TM so that I could setup my own router, as the modem have better lifespan etc, correct? Some more I am very reluctant to rely on TM’s setup as they took one week to attend my ticket, so I actually have one… Read more »

Ya, old building. I went ask at lowyat shops, must use TM provided VDSL modem. There seems to be used VDSL modem on laz/shope but I’m not sure its safe… No choice 🙁
Thx for the input.

How come they say it is not possible to use a third-party fiber modem to get a faster speed than 1gbps? I do have SFP+ module fiber for the Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro. The device should handle up to 10Gbps data rate just fine. Maybe the tm backend did not support or this 2gbps is just a gimmick to say that they could provide 2gbps but not really.

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