TP-Link Unifi Router are Unifi Turbo ready


Unifi Turbo with New TP-Link Router

TM is currently rolling out a free Internet plan speed upgrade for their Unifi customers and lot of users have already gotten the free speed upgrade. However, some old router cannot support the upgraded speed which result in slow speed and weak WiFi coverage. In this case, you need to buy a new wireless router in order to support the much faster speed. 


A lot of users may opt for a third party replacement router and TP-Link is one of the best router manufacturer. TP-Link recently made an announcement that their TP-Link Unifi router can support the Unifi turbo upgrade. They stated which of their routers model are suitable for what Internet plan you are having. We actually tested several models and we are able to verify the claims by TP-Link are true and legit.

We compiled them into this diagram below showing which TP-Link Unifi routers are suitable for what plan. You can also refer to our TP-Link Unifi router setup guide if you need help to configure your TP-Link Unifi router.

800Mbps - 1Gbps

Archer C5400X

TP-Link Archer C5400X

TP-Link Archer C5400
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Archer C2300

TP-Link Archer C2300

TP-Link Archer C3150
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Archer C7

TP-Link Archer C7

TP-Link Archer C9

TP-Link Deco M9 Plus
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Deco M5

TP-Link Deco M5

Deco P7

TP-Link Deco P7

Archer C1200

TP-Link Archer C1200

Archer C6

TP-Link Archer C6


Archer C60

TP-Link Archer C60

Archer C50

TP-Link Archer C50

Archer C20

TP-Link Archer C20


The routers we listed here are the routers that TP-Link is selling in Malaysia currently. We specifically recommended certain models that we think it is really good such as the Archer C7, Deco M9 Plus and Archer C3150.

There are certainly more TP-Link routers out there such as the Talon AD7200 and Archer C3200 but those models are no longer available in the Malaysia and thus they are not listed here.  We also do not include the Wireless N routers as we do not think you should use them with Internet speeds faster than 50Mbps. For more Unifi routers, you can always refer to our Unifi router replacement guide

14 thoughts on “TP-Link Unifi Router are Unifi Turbo ready”

  1. Hi Alvyn,

    My Unifi is 500Mbps.. Regardless the price, which one is better, Archer C7 or C9 in terms of speed n range?


  2. Hi Blacktubi,

    Need your advise on the router. I am on 800mbps now, which router would you recommend for me to use, TP-Link Archer C3150, Asus RT-AC86U and D-Link DIR-885L AC3150

  3. Hi
    Unifi just turboed me to 500 Mbps. My router is Tplink Archer C1200. I am aware that it can only support 300 MBPS
    After the turbo, i noticed the following:
    2.4 GHz.. download: 30 MBPS (just like before), upload: 28 mbps
    5.0 Ghz: download:200 mbps , upload : 73 mbps
    Lan : 100 MBPS
    wireless tried on Samsung note 3
    Lan line tried on HP notebook
    2 questions:
    a. is it normal for the for the 2.4 Ghz to be so slow? When one say it can support 300 MBPS, does it only apply to 5.0 ghz?
    b. If i buy a new router which can support 500 Mbps, will i get better speed with the 2.4 ghz? i do not want to upgrade to find that the speed is the same. I cannot use the 5.0 ghz as the range is short and i have a 2 storey house.

    1. Hi there, 2.4Ghz is heavily overcrowded as many other devices is using it causing bad congestion. 5Ghz is the way to go and maybe you can consider a mesh solution from the Deco line-up.

  4. Hi Black tubi, great review and recommendation you have going on here. Keep up the good work! I have a question regarding Tplink N600 that I am currently using.

    Do you know if its good for unifi 500mbps? or should i just upgrade to a better router?

  5. hai blacktubi, need to ask you a favour, currently i’m using Dlink 850L(provided by Unifi earlier), i bought the Archer C5400 recently and follow the the setup as quick guide, i noted the Hypptv lagging and the maximum speed usind wired cat 6 cable only up to 6++mbps compare to previous Dlink 850L no lagging and can reach maximum speed of 800mbps. Any adjustment i need to do? Please need your input. Thanks

  6. TPlink Archer C7 v2

    i got upgraded to unifi 500mbps and my speedtest result only reach up to max speed of around 200mbps.
    wonder if my router need upgrading. currently using tp-link archer c7 v2. any advice?


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