How to Setup TP-Link Unifi Router?

TP-Link Unifi Router Setup Guide

A lot of Unifi users in probably face issues such as unstable wireless connection and poor WiFi coverage. It is normally caused by the cheap router supplied by TM unable to work properly when you stay in a big property. With that, you can opt for a replacement router with better hardware to improve the wireless coverage and performance. 

TP-Link is a well known company in the consumer networking space. They produce some really good routers and being rather affordable at the same time. TP-Link also improved a lot recently with a much better firmware and good Unifi compatibility. We will show you how to configure TP-Link Unifi routers in this article. For more TP-Link Unifi routers and their comparison, check our our Unifi router buyer’s guide here.

This article is applicable to the most if not all TP-Link models sold in Malaysia. That include the Archer C5400X, Archer C5400, Archer C4000, Archer C3150, Archer C2300, Archer A10, Archer C9, Archer A9, Archer C7, Archer A7, Archer A6 and etc.

Unifi PPPOE details

Sample Unifi PPPOE details:

  • Username: [email protected]
  • Password: Fd3csFSfksxdew (Case-sensitive random string of characters)

The Unifi PPPOE username and password is required in order to connect to the Unifi network. So, please contact TM customer service before starting the configuration to obtain your Unifi PPPOE username and password. It is not the same as the WiFi password. You will need to be the owner as well.

Keep a pen ready when calling them as the password is quite long and complicated. It is case sensitive as well. TM will call you back within 24 hours to provide you with the username and password.

Connecting the router

TP-Link Unifi Router Connection

Once the PPPOE details is ready, we can proceed to the actual configuration. Your new TP-Link wireless router will be connected directly to the Unifi modem. I included a picture above to show how you should connect your new router. You may have a different modem and router but the connection is the same.

The WAN port of the TP-Link router should be connected to the LAN 1 of the TM modem. Next, connect the HyppTV device to the LAN1 port of your TP-Link wireless router.


Configuring the Unifi router

Step 1: Connect to the router

Power on the TP-Link router and connect it to your computer. I recommend using a computer but using a phone is possible as well. You can either use an Ethernet cable to any of the LAN ports or use the wireless connection. The default WiFi name and password is labeled on the wireless router. 

Step 2: Navigate to the configuration page

Open any browser on your computer and navigate to or and you shall see this page below

Step 3: Create a new admin password

The router will advice you to create a new admin password. Make sure you write it down as we will need it. 

Step 4: Select the time zone

Select the right time zone. It is GMT +8 for Malaysia. This is needed for the router to determine the time correctly. 

Step 5: Select the Internet connection type

This step consist of 3 more steps and make sure you follow them all.
  1. Select PPPOE as the internet connection type
  2. Expand the additional  ISP settings
  3. Select Malaysia-Unifi
TP-Link Unifi Setup

Step 6: Insert the PPPOE username and password

Key in the PPPOE username and password you obtained from TM in this screen. Remember that the password is case sensitive.

Step 7: Configure the wireless connection

Insert the name of your desired wireless connection and insert your desired password here. 

Step 8: Verify the summary

The router will show you a summary of what is configured. Make sure everything is correct and save the configurations.

Step 9: Apply the new configurations

The configuration part is now completed and the wireless router will reboot.

TP-Link Unifi Setup

Step 10: Complete and testing

After the reboot, you can connect to the Internet using the wireless name that you just configured. Check if the Internet and HyppTV is working properly. You may proceed to my troubleshooting guide if you face any issues. 

Do perform a speedtest and see if the performance is satisfactory.


UI shows connected but unable to browse

If the firmware interface shows that you are actually connected to TM network and you have an IP, check if you use the correct PPPOE username and password. A wrong PPPOE username and password can let you to connect to TM network but without Internet access.

HyppTV is not working

If you face issues with HyppTV but Internet is working, check if the HyppTV is connected to LAN 1 as only the port can work for HyppTV.

89 thoughts on “How to Setup TP-Link Unifi Router?”

  1. Hi, recently I bought a Tp link C60 to replace the old one, I follow all the steps but for some reason Hypptv keep showing no signal/ no satellite icon at the bottom right corner. WiFi, TV Apps, everything is fine, only Hypptv is the one that cant connect. May I know what happen? Also I called TM service they said leave the decoder to auto config but until now it still remain the same.

  2. Hi @blacktubi, I just got a TM UNIFI at home. Sadly, the wifi signal isn’t strong enough for a 2.5 storey house. I have a spare dlink wireless router – how do I connect it to TM gadgets (TP link or TM Alcatel modem)? Appreciate your technical inputs. Thanks

    1. Hi there, there’s no point putting 3 routers side by side since they all broadcast the same signal unless you can install your spare router at the 2nd floor.

    1. You can contact TM to reset the password but they can only generate a new password and not changing it to your own password.

  3. I just purchased a new archer c7 v4, tried many times still unable to connect to internet, it says failed. I connect by pppoe, I saw ur comment on vlan, does my c7 has it?

  4. Thanks for sharing.
    Ever tried on this model ?
    I wonder why this model only available at China.
    As long as PPPOE compatible then should be no problem for Unifi?


  5. Model: TP-LINK Archer C60

    It works!! A big thank you!
    Missed-out initially on the final VLAN setup step; was scratching my head for awhile till i found out your page / guide.


  6. I bought tplink AC5400. I have difficult to connect the 2.4g wifi and sometime no internet service on the 2.4g. Anything that need to configure or other solution to improve this?

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