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Unifi Router Replacement Guide

We all know the Unifi router provided by Telekom Malaysia is quite bad and it causes performance and stability issue. The common complaint is it is impossible to deliver the full speed of your signed up package over wireless. A lot of users are complaining that they are unable to achieve the full 30Mbps on WiFi. The question is, what router should you buy?

All Unifi installation comes with 2 devices, an ONU and a wireless router. The ONU which is commonly known as the modem is non-user replaceable and it comes with a lifetime warranty by TM. You can only replace the wireless router. Not all wireless routers are compatible with Unifi as Unifi run on VLAN to deliver the internet connection and HyppTV service.

This list contains routers that are fully compatible with Unifi with HyppTV working right out of the box. I also compiled the specifications and price range. This page will be constantly updated with new routers added to the list. Selecting a router depends on your budget, your amount of wireless devices and the size of your house.

Note: The price may change from time to time. Please check with the dealers for the latest price.

Leave a comment below for any suggestions and feedback. You can click on the model name to read my review on the router.

Unifi Router Setup Guide:

Once you purchased the new router, please request your Unifi login ID and Password from TM. You will need them when configuring your new router. Once you got everything ready, remove your old wireless router and connect the new router to the ONU. You have to reconfigure your new wireless router. The process depends on the brand of the router but generally, you just need to insert the PPPOE ID and password and select the Unifi profile on the router.

Unifi Compatible Router List:

Asus Unifi Router


Asus makes one of the best Unifi routers in the market. The compatibility is great and the hardware is amazing. This is coupled with ASUSWRT firmware which comes with a lot of features and great Unifi support. All new Asus routers are fully compatible with Unifi with Native IPV6 support. You can refer to this post for my guide on how to configure Asus router to work with Unifi.

ModelWireless SpecificationExternal AntennaEthernet PortQoS FeaturePrice RangeRemark
RT-AC5300AC530084 x GigabitAdaptive~ RM2000Coming soon
RT-AC88UAC310048 x GigabitAdaptive~ RM1600Coming soon
RT-AC3200AC320064 x GigabitAdaptive~ RM1700
RT-AC87UAC240044 x GigabitAdaptive~ RM1500
RT-AC68UAC190034 x GigabitAdaptive~ RM1200
RT-AC66UAC175034 x GigabitTraditional~ RM900Review coming soon
RT-AC55UHPAC12002 x 9dBi4 x GigabitTraditional~ RM600
RT-AC1200G+AC120044 x GigabitTraditional~ RM400
RT-N18UN60034 x GigabitTraditional~ RM500
RT-N14UHPN3003 x 9dBi4 x FastTraditional~ RM400
RT-N12HPN3002 x 9dBi4 x FastTraditional~ RM300
RT-N12 D1N30024 x FastTraditional~ RM200

TP-LINK Unifi Router


TP-Link routers are relatively affordable for the specifications it offers and it comes with decent Unifi compatibility as well. However, there is some limitation on the Unifi mode as you need to disable Hardware NAT on certain models for the Unifi mode to work. Moreover, the QoS feature will not be available when the router is operating on Unifi mode. They are still great routers at the price.

You can refer to my guide on how to setup TP-Link Unifi router here.

All new TP-Link routers support Unifi but if you are buying an older model, do take note of the hardware version.

ModelHardware VersionWireless SpecificationExternal AntennaEthernet PortPrice RangeRemark
Talon AD7200AllAD720084 x GigabitRM2299 RRPQoS disabled on Unifi mode
Archer AC3150AllAC315044 x GigabitRM969 RRPQoS disabled on Unifi mode
Archer C3200AllAC320064 x Gigabit< RM1000QoS disabled on Unifi mode
Archer C2600AllAC260044 x Gigabit< RM800QoS disabled on Unifi mode
Archer C9-AC190034 x Gigabit~ RM700
Archer C7V2, V3AC175034 x Gigabit~ RM500
Archer C5-AC120024 x Gigabit
Archer C60-AC135054 x Fast~ RM350
Archer C1200-AC120034 x Gigabit< RM400Provided by TM
Archer C2V1AC75024 x Gigabit< RM300
Archer C25-AC90044 x Fast~ RM220
Archer C20V1AC75034 x Fast~ RM200
TL-WR1043NDV1, V2N45034 x Gigabit< RM200
TL-WR941HP-N4503 x 9dBi4 x Fast< RM250
TL-WR841HPV1N3002 x 9dBi4 x Fast< RM150
TL-WR841NV7, V8, V9N30024 x Fast< RM100

D-Link Unifi Router


D-Link is one of the earliest Unifi router suppliers with their legendary DIR-615. They recently come back with some great Unifi router. The compatibility is generally good and relatively easy to set up. They are also relatively affordable in general. They all comes with support Native IPV6.

ModelWireless SpecificationExternal AntennaEthernet PortPrice RangeRemark
DIR-895LAC530084 x Gigabit~ RM1500
DIR-890LAC320064 x Gigabit~ RM1200
DIR-885LAC315044 x Gigabit~ RM1000
DIR-880LAC190034 x Gigabit~ RM600
DIR-868LAC1750Internal4 x Gigabit~ RM600
DIR-850LAC1200Internal4 x Gigabit~ RM300
DIR-816LAC75024 x Fast~ RM220
DIR-619LN30034 x Fast~ RM200

Other Unifi Routers

Of course, there are more routers out there that are compatible with Unifi. There are Mikrotik, Tenda, Netgear, Linksys and many more enterprise grade routers which is fully compatible as well. The list only includes your usual consumer router which is easily available and comes with Unifi support out of the box. If getting a new router is not an option for you, you can always use your existing router. If you already have a good router but the stock firmware of your router does not support Unifi, you can try flashing it to OpenWRT. I get Unifi working on my TP-LINK MR3420 on OpenWRT.


  1. Darren August 17, 2017

    Just installed Unifi Lite 10mbps today. The provided router is Archer AC1200.
    Is there any better replacement for it below RM300? (Or is it good enough already since in your list that router is <RM400)
    I can bump up my budget to RM300~400 too if there's a very good, recommended router for that price range.

    • blacktubi August 18, 2017

      In order to have a significant improvement you wil need to spend at least RM500 for the Asus RT-AC55UHP.

  2. Faris August 13, 2017

    Hi blacktubi. What is the cheapest router you would recommend for unifi 50mbps to replace the stock tm one? thanks in advance

    • blacktubi August 13, 2017

      What router you currently have from TM?

      • Faris August 14, 2017

        Currently I have the innatech rg4332 from TM. The coverage is pretty bad, I’m living in a single story terrace house

        • blacktubi August 14, 2017

          I guess Asus RT-N12HP fit the bill at just around RM200. For a better experience, I recommend at least a wireless AC router else you will have a hard time obtaining 50Mbps over wireless.

  3. Frost August 12, 2017

    Hi master Blacktubi,
    I have problem with my wireless connection which connection always reconnection when I and my brother connect to the default TM router. Should I replace TM router or you have other opinion? Help me master

    • blacktubi August 12, 2017

      I guess the router is too weak to handle multiple connections. You can consider to upgrade to a better router.

  4. Jun August 8, 2017

    I’m currently using dir850l and experiencing unstable wifi connection. There’s 9-10 devices connected to the wifi normally. My budget is around rm300, is there any recommendation to what router I should change to for a more stable connection?

    • blacktubi August 8, 2017

      Bump your budget to higher maybe around RM400++ then you can consider TP-Link Archer C5.
      The DIR-850L itself cost RM300.

  5. Raja August 6, 2017

    Hi BT,

    Does D-Link Wireless AC1000 Dual Band Cloud Router DIR-820L compatible for UNIFI? Because it is not in your list.

    • blacktubi August 6, 2017

      I have no idea as I never try that router before.

  6. Alex August 4, 2017

    Hi there blacktubi. I have a Huawei HG; I think it is something like an ONU and router compiled into one – then again I am a noob and don’t know much. Do you think it is possible to use the HG as the wireless router? Model is huawei hg8245t and it has an optical input.

    • blacktubi August 4, 2017

      It is not possible to replace the ONU by TM unless you have the PON password which they don’t give them out.

      • Alex August 5, 2017

        Thanks for the fast response. But configuring it just as a wireless router should be possible like configuring any wireless router?

        • blacktubi August 6, 2017

          Yes, you can refer to my Asus Unifi configuration guide.

  7. zahin July 31, 2017

    hye, i got lag problem when playing dota. i use tenda ac1900 dual band. there is total of 30 devices in my house. may i know the problem. thanks

    • blacktubi July 31, 2017

      The router cannot handle when there is too many users. Sign of inefficient QoS. Try look around the configuration.

  8. Hans July 28, 2017

    Hi! Is the Asus RT-AC55UHP good for a 2-storey house of around 1900 sqft. ISP provided router couldn’t reach the 1st floor. There are a couple of unmovable obstacles like a sharp corner and a fixed wall that separate the kitchen from the living room (access to 2nd floor is from the kitchen area).

    • blacktubi July 30, 2017

      It should be fine but if it is unable to fix the issue, you can consider a power line extender as well.

  9. Alvin July 28, 2017

    Hi. I would need your recommendation for a router for 50Mbps Unifi placed on ground floor near to sliding glass door. House is 3 storey with my home office on the 3rd floor with TV and ps4 for Netflix 4k streaming as well. 8-10 devices connected at one time with 2-3 using major bandwidth when used. I’m considering between Asus rt68 or dlink 890 or Tenda AC1200. Budget around rm 1k-1.2k.Thanks.

    • blacktubi July 28, 2017

      I think the Asus RT-AC68U and the D-Link DIR-890L are pretty good. The Asus is slightly easier to setup and come with more features.

  10. Fendo July 25, 2017

    Hi master Blacktubi,
    Im staying in double storey house and still using standard TM router for my 50mbps unifi.
    Signal is very slow at 2nd level area. Went to PC shop and told them about my problem. They told me to install another router upstair without changing the existing TM router at ground level. Is that true?

    • blacktubi July 25, 2017

      You have 2 choice. Either use a better router or buy an extender. An extender is cheap but may not be the most reliable.

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