Best Unifi Router with WiFi 6 in 2022

Unifi Router Buyer's Guide in 2021

If you use Unifi at your home, you are probably not so happy with the speed and stability of the WiFi network. That’s because TM is still a business and they cannot give an expensive router while remain profitable. But, luckily, TM doesn’t stop you from buying your own router.

While the router provided by TM isn’t too bad, they have slower CPU and weaker WiFi coverage. This means they aren’t very good if you stay in a bigger home or if you have more WiFi devices at home. Thus, in this article, I will show you some WiFi routers that I’ve tested that will recommend for you to upgrade your home WiFi router.

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⚠️ This guide is only intended for Unifi Fibre users!

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Unifi Fibre Equipment Overview

All Unifi Fibre installation come with 2 devices which is the fibre modem and WiFi router. The Fibre modem comes with lifetime warranty from TM and it is non-user replaceable. But, don’t worry as the WiFi router rarely breaks down and it performs well. What we will be focussing is the WiFi router part which will impact all your home networking performance.

Unifi Router Brands

Once you purchased the new router, please request your Unifi login ID and Password from TM. You will need them when configuring your new router. Once you got everything ready, remove your old wireless router and connect the new router to the ONU. You have to reconfigure your new wireless router. The process depends on the brand of the router but generally, you just need to insert the PPPOE ID and password and select the Unifi profile on the router. 

TP-Link Unifi Router


TP-Link routers are fully compatible with Unifi. TP-Link offers really good value for money as their routers are usually cheaper while delivering the same level of performance compared to their competitors. They offer a 3 years warranty on all their networking products.

You can refer to my guide on how to setup TP-Link Unifi router here.

ModelWiFi SpecificationSuggested PlanBeamformingMU-MIMOMaximum NAT speedRetail Price
Archer C5400X GamingAC5400800Mbps941MbpsRM1499
Archer C5400AC5400800Mbps941MbpsRM949
Archer C4000AC4000800Mbps941MbpsRM999
Archer C3150AC3150800Mbps941MbpsRM799
Archer C2300AC2300800Mbps941MbpsRM639
Deco M9 Plus MeshAC2200500Mbps800MbpsRM999
Archer A10AC2600800Mbps941MbpsRM639
Archer A9AC1900500Mbps941MbpsRM439
Archer C9AC1900500Mbps941MbpsRM469
Deco M5 MeshAC1300500Mbps800MbpsRM439
Deco M4 MeshAC1200300Mbps800MbpsRM399
Archer C7/ A7AC1750500Mbps800MbpsRM312
Archer C6/ A6AC1200300Mbps941MbpsRM209
Archer C1200AC1200300MbpsTBDRM279

Do note that HyppTV do not work on their Deco mesh series of products but Internet is working properly. 

Asus Unifi Router


Asus is another well known brand in the wireless router industry. They are slightly more expensive but they have really solid performance and the AsusWRT firmware offers the most comprehensive set of features. Asus also pioneer their AiMesh technology which allows you to use several compatible Asus routers to form a high performance mesh network. Asus routers come with 3 years of warranty in Malaysia. 

You can refer to my guide on how to setup Asus Unifi router here.

ModelWiFi SpecsSuggested PlanAiMeshBFMU-MIMOMaximum Internet SpeedPrice Range
Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 GamingAC5300800Mbps941MbpsRM2489
Asus Blue CaveAC2600800Mbps941MbpsRM1099
Lyra Trio MeshAC1750500Mbps850MbpsRM1579
Lyra MeshAC2200500Mbps850MbpsRM999
RT-AC66U B1AC1750300Mbps941MbpsRM859

D-Link Unifi Router


You probably heard of D-Link before as they are one of the oldest brand selling networking gear in Malaysia. They also produce some really great networking equipment. New D-Link routers are fully compatible with Unifi. They are also rather affordable while delivering good performance. 

You can refer to my guide on how to setup D-Link Unifi router here.

ModelWiFi SpecificationBeamformingMU-MIMOEthernet PortPrice
DIR-895LAC53004 x GigabitRM1599
DIR-882AC26004 x GigabitRM698
DIR-878AC19004 x GigabitRM518
DIR-867AC17504 x GigabitRM399
DIR-868LAC17504 x Gigabit
DIR-842AC12004 x GigabitRM289

Other Brands (Tenda, Netgear and etc)

There are also other brands in the market and most if not all Enterprise level gear can be configured to support Unifi. But, we do not include them in this list as they may be harder to configure for most users. 

Netgear is known for requiring manual setup of VLAN for it to work with Unifi.

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Hi,may i know is TENDA FH456 High Power 4x5dBi Wireless WiFi really support for unifi 30mbps?If really,can u show me the steps for setup.Thanks..

Hi Tubi,

Does the Asus RT-AC5200 or RT-AC88U support the Hypptv? If neither of them support Hypptv, please recommend which unit that will support.

Bought TP Link WR1043ND V3 which support unifi. Frequent dropout (about every 30mins or less)…got a replacement model from tplink which is V2… still dropout, but about 1-2hrs which is slightly better than previous model.

Can advise any setup tips? I have just follow default tplink unifi setup…Thanks.

I would like to ask a question: Often times when I am downloading full speed using UniFi 30Mbps, after a while the Internet will disconnect and my TM TRG212M stock router will get a new IP and I am unable to access Internet for a while. When the Internet is in the midst of disconnection, I could not immediately access the router web interface. Is this the symptom showing that the router hangs? From your experience, is it my TM stock router unable to handle such high speed thus disconnecting the Internet making me unable to access the Internet for… Read more »

Hi~would like to ask what brand router do you recommend? want to change my old router~budget around RM200-300

Asus RT-N14 and RT-14HP is the same? because i went pc shop only have RT-14HP which is more than RM300

Hi Tubi,
I am planning to buy Xiaomi mi router 3 from 11street. Does it support unifi? Plug and play?

Hey bro. I’m planning on upgrading my current router which is D-link DIR-615. I need a router that can provide wide coverage and stable connection than my former router. I’m currently on 5Mbps Unifi plan. Can u suggest any routers in price RM400 top?

i bought Tp-Link Archer C3200, but it can’t support the unifi setting, i saw the unifi mode on itv only~

my setting is PPoEE(there don’t have Unifi Mode), and i notice that the region is on US!

sorry for my bad english!

There’s a problem with outside routers with hypptv, i bought a TPlink but it’s unstable with the new tv box, the older tv box with the digital clock is ok. Anyone have any idea

Hi there. Please help. My unify modem located on 3rd floor. Which means the ground floor can’t get the wifi signal. What should I do to make every floor have good coverage of wifi. Landed house 3 floor, 6 rooms. Unify 30. Need to connect with 10 iPad iPhone. 2 laptop 1 desktop. Should I buy a router? If yes, what brand?

Hi sir, I’m living in a flat which is only around 700sqft…. I wanted to upgrade the router as well and mainly is for entertaining purpose… Is RT-N12Hp enough for me or RT-n14 is more suitable ? Any advise ? *using unifi 30mbps

“Instead of 1 router, get a few powerline wireless extender. If your budget only allow you to get a router, RT-N14UHP is a good choice.”

What is power line wireless extender?? Can just buy a router to boost up the connection. I m just a basic user and subscribed to 5mbps unifi but could not stable connection while using my laptop on 1st floor. Pls advice. Thanks so much.

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