Unifi Replacement Router List

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We all know that the stock Unifi router supplied by Telekom Malaysia is bad, it perform poorly and unstable. Here are some routers that are compatible with Unifi and easily available in Malaysia.

They are sorted according to their price from the most expensive the the cheapest.

Please leave a comment below if I miss out any router.

Full Unifi Compatibility:

The routers listed below are fully compatible without complicated configuration required. Just follow the user guide and you are good to go.


Asus routers are known for their excellent Unifi support. They are generally easy to configure and all new models are fully compatible with Unifi. You can refer to this article on how to setup Unifi on Asus Router.


Most D-Link routers are fully compatible with Unifi. All models listed below are fully compatible with Unifi. Just make sure you are running the latest Malaysia/Singapore firmware.


WARN: Not all hardware version support Unifi! Make sure you get the correct version!

WARN: Unifi is broken on certain firmware with Hardware NAT. Disable Hardware NAT may fix it.

Note : You may need to flash your device to the Malaysia firmware. Get it from http://tp-link.com.my.

  • Archer C2600 Remark: QoS disabled when VLAN is enabled.
  • Archer C7 V2
  • Archer C2
  • TL-WDR4300 V1
  • TL-WDR3600 V1
  • TL-WR1043ND V1, V2
  • Archer C20
  • TL-WR841HP V1
  • TL-WR841N V7, V8, V9
  • TL-WR841ND V7, V8, V9

Partial Unifi Compatibility:

You need to manually configure VLAN tagging. Support for IPTV is available but may be more difficult to configure.


Please refer to this article on how to configure manual VLAN tagging.

  • R6400
  • R7000
  • R7900
  • R8000
  • R8500


Click the link for the instruction on how to configure the router for Unifi.

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i been using the TM stock wireless router since the installation, but lately the wifi connection seem to be unstable and i have to switch off & on back the router to get the connection back. not a heavy user, just use to connect few mobile gadgets and 4 smart tvs.. usually for youtube streaming and online dramas streaming.. izzit OK? to change the stock modem to TP-LINK TL-WR841HP . as this gadget is intro to me by the sales person. Please Advice. Thank you

May i know if these router Tenda F3 and D-Link DIR605L support unifi and Hypptv? My older TM router D-Link DIR615L EOL already.. So i want to buy a new router that not bang my wallet.. Thanks

Do you know if the Tenda FH456 wifi router is compatible with UNIFI? Having difficulting setting it up, shop owner said it should be ok.

hI, I bought a TP Link WR841HP router in singapore.
It is a version 2.0

When i configure the router using normal quick set up, it cant connect to internet.

Is version 2.0 supports unifi?
else, what should i do?

Thanks, please advice.

the link above show the steps to setup for unifi….previously u setup exactly the same as the step show on the web site?

calvin, thanks for replying.

It is a little bit different.
in The link that you provided, it has “unifi Mode” under quick set up menu.

but mine doesnt have this option.
The option available is only:
-auto detect
-dynamic IO
-static ip
-PPPoE, and etc

i set up as per the instruction manual, the wifi is working, but then cant connect to internet succesffuly, even after reboot and etc

If that the case, u need to select pppoe, key in the unifi id n password, then manualy tagging vlan id, 600 for iptv, 500 for internet. Without vlan id u cant connect to unifi. Or u can request unifi firmware from tplink by email to them or call their service center.

I am looking for AC 1900 / AC 3200 Wifi router. Among these two – Asus vs Netgear. Which brand/model give a comprehensive/flexible QoS features configuration? Thanks.

Dear All,

For those who like to get TP-Link AC wifi router please get Archer C7 or higher model. Because i have experience with Archer C2 after done all the setting and no internet access Just last month *Feb 2016*.

I did email to TP-Link Support and they can’t what is the problem but lucky they allow me to upgrade to Archer C7 and to up some money.

Now i have problem with the IPv6 (no internet access) after done the setting according to TP-Link guide. Does anyone have done the setting and able to have internet access here?

help me.. http://www.lelong.com.my/tp-link-high-power-wireless-router-wifi-tl-wr841hp-9dbi-unifi-maxis-kitkit85-I2178815-2007-01-Sale-I.htm

i dont know this router which version,,is it still compatible with tm unifi?

comparing : Asus RT-AC1200HP vs TPLINK AC1750 (C7)
Which is a winner ?

Hi, do you think that the Xiaomi Wifi Router Mini can be used with Unifi?

I am considering to purchase tplink TL-WDR4300. I don’t need any functions. Just need good wifi connection and prefer 5ghz. Just a small double storey house.
I’m on unifi 50mbps and the current stock L7 router can only output 20mbps max to my samsung s6.
Reason of me changinf the wireless router is to get maximum speed on wifi devices.
Do you reckon I will get improved speed on the 5ghz TL-WDR5300? My budget is a router below RM300.

Hello, do you have any experience with TENDA router such as TENDA FH456 and TENDA F3. Do u think this router is good replacement for Unifi router?


base on what i found…it did support for unifi…i saw it in 1 of the computer shop, on the box there got support unifi sticker. but quality not so sure


hello bro , wanna ask you for gaming purpose which router will you suggest. i have 50 mb unifi , and what do you think about asus RT-AC87U or RT-AC55UHP will be enough??

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